*z01134* Velcro Removable {Coin Size} Poster Hangers


Removable Poster Hangers
{Coin Size}
{1.1/4 square” & 7/8″ Coin} per set
{3.2cm & 2.2 Coin Round}


Details: (z01134)
The Velcro Removable Poster Hangers feature specially formulated removable adhesive that leaves no wall or item damage. Easily change out posters and small wall items without any worry of damaging the wall. It is ideal for hanging posters, calendars, maps, signs, educational items and more. Each fastener set (7/8″ Coin & 1.25″ Sq) holds up to 1/4 lb.

  • No wall damage
  • Easy to use & Removes cleanly
  • Versatile pre-cut pieces
  • Ideal for hanging Educational items, posters, charts, signs and more

VELCRO® Brand Removable Poster and Picture Hangers are a smart, but simple solution for creating gallery walls, hanging framed pictures, your children’s artwork and school work, photos and posters around your home securely, without damaging the surface of the wall.

  • Perfect for use around your home, VELCRO® Brand Removable Adhesive products offer a number of distinct features:
  • Hang framed pictures, photos, and posters securely, ensuring that wall décor remains secure and safe from falling
  • Picture Hangers easily adjust and level, eliminating the frustrating process of repeated removal and application
  • Removes cleanly from the wall surface to prevent damage
  • Pre-cut pieces and cut-to-length tape make application quick, easy and convenient
  • Has a low profile, so items hang flush to the wall
  • Easily reusable, allowing for the same wall piece to be used for multiple wall mountings
  • Available in convenient ¼ lb., 1 lb. and 3 lb. sizes, ensuring that a variety of items can be hung securely and flush to walls

Made in the USA, VELCRO® Brand Removable Adhesive is available at many online E-commerce sites and at old fashion big box retailers.


*Hanging strip
*Poster Hangers (1/4lb./.11kg)
*Picture Hangers (1 lb./.45kg)
*Picture Hangers (3 lbs./1.36 Kg)

*All weighs are estimates.

In stock (can be backordered)


Removable Poster Hangers
{Coin Size}

{1.1/4 square” & 7/8″ Coin} per set
{3.2cm & 2.2 Coin Round}

Additional information

Weight .13 lbs
Dimensions 10 x 5 x 4 in


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