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oXm 680

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The 680is look garish, due to the neon yellow that Sennheiser has used on the cable and the face of the earpieces. The ear hooks, inline volume control and jack plug are black, though, which provides some balance. The neon colors does make these headphones look sporty too.

Sennheiser says the cable is made from Dupont Kevlar for added extra strength and durability, so it shouldn’t snap the first time you snag it on something.

No noise isolation

The earpieces sit on the outside of your ear, rather than nestling into the canal. This means they don’t isolate noise, so you can hear some ambient sound around you when you’ve got your music playing. If you’re running on roads or streets, this is probably safer than being totally cut off from what’s happening around you.

The earpieces have a rubberized coating that helps protect them against sweat and rain, but they’re not fully waterproof, so you can’t jump in your local swimming pool with them on.

Sennheiser supplies swappable ear sleeves in small, medium and large sizes, so you can choose the option that best suits your ear size. We found the larger size worked best, creating more of a seal around the entrance to the ear, boosting perceived bass performance, and blocking out slightly more background noise than the other options.

It’s the design of the ear hooks that the buds are mounted on that’s special. These hooks are covered in a rubberized material that can be bent into different shapes. This allows you to customize the shape of the ear hooks to make them fit pretty much perfectly, so they don’t move around when you’re running. Once you’ve got the right fit, they really are very comfortable to wear, and impressively stable as well.

Sound quality

The sound quality isn’t bad, especially compared to other models that come in at around this price. High-frequency audio, such as cymbals and hi-hats, is crisp and lively, while mid-frequency guitar and synth sounds have plenty of presence.


In terms of overall fit and comfort when running, the Sennheiser OMX 680i Sports headphones really are hard to beat. We found that they stayed in place and remained comfortable even during longer runs. But, although their sound quality isn’t bad, it’s a shame they’re not slightly more capable when it comes to reproducing really deep bass sounds.

NO MP3/No Phone/No CD Player /Nor Any Other Device Included !

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oXm 680 – Earbuds

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