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GoodeBuns.com & GoodeOnes.com are PayPal verified.At this timepaypal-buyer-protection all payments are processed through PayPal.com.
You do not need to have a PayPal account in order to make payment.


We can ship to worldwide.  Buyer(s) must pays for all shipping cost in advance or at the time of purchase.  Buyer(s) can purchase mailing insurance at their own expense.  Shipments will only be sent to a physical address with signature required.  Final cost of shipping to be determined by where item(s) are shipped.


The customary online return/exchange period is a fourteen (14) day return policy. However, we have a thirty (30) days NO HASSLE RETURN POLICY. If you have any problems with any items purchased from Goodebuns or GoodeOnes we will work diligently with you to reach the most amicable solution possible within a reasonable time frame. Your paypal-logosatisfaction and happiness as one of our customers is our happiness and satisfaction. Purchaser/Buyer(s) are responsible for all returns’ shipping cost. We do not have a restocking fee. We do not believe in restocking fees. However, other fees may apply. We will not credit a return until the item(s) are received back at our warehouse and inspected. All original packaging and materials must be returned. All Open Box Buns and Used Buns returns must include all materials and items shipped and received by you. To process a return, send an email through Goodebuns or GoodeOnes RETURNS or herein with ebay. We will send you a RMA number and return instructions. You send the items back after proper receipt and inspection credits will be issued promptly. Since all items are sold as a bundle all items in the bundles must be returned in the same conditions as received, unless otherwise directed in and by a written agreement/agreed email with a Goodebuns official.  If purchaser(s)/buyer(s) wish to keep any bundle’s items then an appropriation value may be requested in written by the purchaser(s)/buyer(s).  Appropriated values for any individual item in a bundle that is not returned or wished to be kept by the purchaser(s)/buyer(s) may be appropriated at a higher amount than an equally divisible value.

NOT ALL ITEMS IN THE BUNDLES ARE GIVEN OR ASSESSED AT THE SAME OR EQUAL VALUE.  Every item has an individual value which is wholly independent of its value as and or in a bundle.  The individual value of any one or group of items outside of the bundle in which it was offered WILL BE VALUED AT A HIGHER AMOUNT. (If you do not understand this concept, please contact an attorney for advice and or customer service “CS – Goodebuns” for a more detailed explanation.)


PURCHASER(s)/BUYER(s) agree and understand that they are buying any and all items from a third party e-commerce retailer, reseller who has no ties to any original owners, manufactures, sellers, retailers, purchasers and or distributors of any and all items sold, viewed, shipped and or delivered by Goodebuns, its successors and or assigns. PURCHASER(s)/BUYER(S) understand and agree that all items are purchased “AS IS” and any and all items sold have NOT been tested nor discovered, nor researched for recalls, warnings, and or known report or unknown defectives. PURCHASER(s)/BUYER(s) assume 100% liability and responsibility for any and all items purchased, viewed, shipped and or delivered from Goodebuns, its successor and or assigns. PURCHASER(s)/BUYER(s) agree to hold Goodebuns, its successors and or assigns hold harmless of any and all defectives, wrongdoing, problems and legal liability, negligence, and or responsibility for any and all items purchased, viewed, shipped, delivered and or returned/exchanged. Irregardless, of any returns, refunds, exchanges and or any other efforts intake by Goodebuns its successor and or assign to satisfied the customer(s). If any legal actions are begun by either party purchaser(s)/buyer(s) or Goodebuns its successors and or assigns then Goodebuns, its successor and or assigns shall retain the right to determine under which laws and which jurisdiction shall any legal proceeding be adjudicated.


Purchaser(s)/Buyers(s) agree to hold “100%” harmless Goodebuns, its successors and or assigns for any and all NEGLIGENCES, MISTAKES, OMISSIONS, DEFECTS, TYPOS, MISSPELLINGS, GRAMMATICAL, PICTORIAL (PICTURES), SUBSTITUTIONS, DISCREPANCIES, RECALLS, SIZES, DIMENSIONS, VALUES, DESCRIPTIONS AND/OR ANY OTHER TYPE, KIND, STYLE, BRAND, KNOWN OR UNKOWN ERRORS for any and all item(s) purchaser(s)/buyers views, receives and or buys/purchases from Goodebuns, its successors and or assigns in perpetuity. PLEASE TAKE NOTICE, Goodebuns, its successors and or assigns reserve the right to make mistakes without any penalties and liabilities to any and all purchaser(s)/buyer(s) for any and all items purchased, viewed, returned and or received. Purchaser(s)/Buyer(s) agrees to handle all aspects of any recall process, from discovery to returns to final resolutions themselves. PURCHASER(s)/BUYER(s) understands, agrees and now has full knowledge that Goodebuns, its successors and or assigns are not authorized resellers to and or for any of the items sold or viewed. All product warranties should be directed toward the manufactures, original distributions or retailers. Goodebuns will assistant in trying to address any problems with products. However, Goodebuns assumes no responsibilities nor liabilities for any items sold, received and or viewed. If you feel these conditions are not agreeable to you then please do not purchase items from the GoodeGroup, Goodebuns, GoodeOnes, its subsidiaries, its successors and or assigns.paypalAny Questions Please Feel Free to Contact Us.

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